CIA deputy director allegedly ran torture black site

The newly appointed deputy director of the CIA ran a black site in 2002, and signed an order to destroy tapes of the interrogations, according to the New York Times.

We can’t lead together on torture: Andrew Tyrie

President Trump’s latest comments on torture make it all the more important that the Prime Minister puts robust safeguards in place to ensure that Britain doesn’t get dragged into this again, Andrew Tyrie MP told the Independent.

Washington Post publishes 'Trump draft order' on CIA black sites

The Washington Post has published a document which it says is a draft executive order, apparently drafted by the Trump administration, calling for a policy review that could authorise the CIA to reopen “black site” prisons overseas.

Andrew Tyrie asks PM about Trump torture policy

Andrew Tyrie MP asked the Prime Minister if she would make clear to President Trump that Britain will not return to facilitating torture.

Andrew Tyrie comments on Supreme Court rendition judgment

"Today’s ruling takes the public a step closer to the truth about Britain’s role in extraordinary rendition – the programme of kidnap and torture developed during the Bush administration, and facilitated by the UK Government."

Trump’s CIA pick speaks out on torture and rendition

Mike Pompeo, nominee to head the CIA, has said that he would not follow orders to use banned interrogation techniques, and that he couldn't imagine Donald Trump giving such an instruction.

Obama will not declassify Senate Torture Report

President Obama will preserve a report on the CIA’s torture programme among his presidential papers, preventing it from being destroyed under the Trump administration.

Senator warns torture report could be destroyed under Trump

Senator Ron Wyden, a member of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, has called on President Obama to protect the Committee’s report on the CIA torture programme.