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Account Rendered

The APPG published its compendium "Account Rendered: Extraordinary Rendition and Britain’s Role” in 2011. The book contains a forensic analysis of the background to rendition, combined with a 200-page collection of primary documents, presented with commentary on their significance.

Praise for “Account Rendered”:

"An essential and disturbing dossier of Britain's role in the scandal of post-9/11 torture and secret detention."

-- Stephen Gray, the Sunday Times

An “excellent and scrupulous book ... the authors have performed an enormous public service by writing it.”

-- Peter Oborne, the Spectator

"Riveting – if chilling – reading ... It is to the credit of the book that it has no need to express such emotion: it tells a story that is damning enough"

-- Roger Smith, Director - Justice

“Timely and searing”.

-- Philippe Sands QC 

“A forensic account of a bad business”.

-- Chris Mullin, former MP

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