Lord Tyrie: We must 'get to the truth on rendition'

APPG Founder, Lord Tyrie, speaking in the House of Lords on the occasion of his maiden speech, has renewed his calls for a judge-led inquiry into UK involvement in extraordinary rendition.

In a powerful speech, Lord Tyrie detailed why he founded the APPG in 2005 and why the issue of rendition is still as important as ever.  He said: 

"It is not just that kidnap and torture is deeply repugnant or even—which is the case—that it is probably ineffective as a means of gathering information. It is much worse than that. Complicity in kidnap and torture eats away at the moral authority of the perpetrators. To the extent that the UK has facilitated such practices, we have diminished ourselves and we have undermined the values that we seek to export. That is why getting to the truth about rendition is not some recondite backwater but goes to the heart of the kind of society that we aspire to be."

Read the full speech here.