Ken Clarke calls for judge-led inquiry into UK complicity in rendition and torture

As reported today by The Times and the Guardian, APPG Chairman Ken Clarke, together with cross-party members of the APPG, has written to the Prime Minister calling for a new judge-led inquiry into UK complicity in rendition and torture. 

The letter to the PM came following the government’s refusal to confirm that it would ask the Intelligence and Security Committee to investigate the circumstances of the rendition of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar to Libya. This is despite the government making a full apology to the couple for the UK’s role in their ‘detention, rendition and suffering’, and saying that it believed their accounts.

In a statement, Ken Clarke said: "The Attorney-General said last month that when Britain gets things wrong, we must learn lessons and make changes to avoid the same thing happening again. Despite the government’s very welcome apology to Mr Belhaj and Mrs Boudchar, we are nowhere near getting to the bottom of the disgraceful involvement of this country in rendition and torture.  Lessons cannot be learned, nor a repeat of past problems avoided, until the truth has been established.  It is time for a judge-led inquiry to do just that."

Read the full story by The Times here, and the Guardian here.

The letter to the PM can be read here.