Andrew Tyrie asks PM about Trump torture policy

Andrew Tyrie MP asked the Prime Minister if she would make clear to President Trump that Britain will not return to facilitating torture.

Andrew Tyrie asked: 

“President Trump has repeatedly said that he will bring back torture as an instrument of policy. When she sees him on Friday, will the Prime Minister make clear that in no circumstances will she permit Britain to be dragged into facilitating that torture, as we were after September 11th?"

The Prime Minister responded:

“I can assure my Honourable Friend that we have a very clear position on torture. We do not sanction torture, we do not get involved in that, and that will continue to be our position.”

Andrew Tyrie comments:

“As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump said a number of times that ‘torture works’ and that he would bring back ‘worse than waterboarding’.

Today in Parliament, the Prime Minister assured me that the UK would not become involved in torture. This is welcome. Confidence in the Government’s assurances would be bolstered by admission of the full truth about our previous involvement in ‘extraordinary rendition’ – the programme of kidnap and torture launched by the US after 9/11. Britain is currently in the midst of its third attempt in a decade to hold an inquiry into this, after the first two failed to get to the truth.

Any US return to rendition and torture would be not just illegal and immoral but counterproductive. It would make the gathering of intelligence more difficult. And most importantly, a return to torture would undermine the West’s fundamental values of civil and political freedom, and make them all the more difficult to export.”

Read the full press release here.