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Abu Zubaydah case shows need to bolster Intelligence and Security committee

The following letter was placed in the Guardian by the chairs of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition

Your report describes the rendition and torture of Abu Zubaydah by the US government (The CIA tortured him after 9/11. Then they lied. Will the truth ever come out?, 29 January). UK intelligence agencies played a key role in his interrogation, despite knowing that he was subject to unlawful torture. Yet we still do not know the full extent of the British role in torture and unlawful rendition during this era.

The intelligence and security committee (ISC) was, in its own words, “unable to conduct an authoritative inquiry” or produce a “credible report” in its latest attempt in 2018. This was because it was thwarted from collecting the necessary evidence, as its report explains. This is unacceptable. The ISC in its current form is unable to complete such work. Long-mooted reforms to bolster the powers of the ISC must be implemented so that parliament and the public have confidence that the ISC is able to perform its role effectively.
Stephen Timms MP
Andrew Tyrie
 House of Lords



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