APPG members write to the Prime Minister

One year on from the publication of the Intelligence and Security Committee's (ISC) two reports on detainee mistreatment and rendtion, the Government has failed to respond to calls for a renewed judge-led inquiry. The ISC reports demonstrated both the much greater scale of British involvement in rendtion than previously thought, and the degree to which their work had been frustrated, and ultimately halted, by denial of access to key witnesses.

At the time of publication, a Government Minister committed to reporting back to Parliament on the Government's stance towards a new inquiry. When a response to the report was finally slipped out, some 147 days after publication, it made no mention of an inquiry, and ministers have continued to refuse to be drawn on the subject since. 

APPG Chairman Ken Clarke and other members of the APPG have written to the Prime Minister on the first anniversary of the ISC reports, urging the need for Govenrment to deliver on its pledge of an inquiry, and for the Prime Minister to overhaul the 'Consolidated Guidance' to intelligence officers and service personnel and publish the outcome, following recent receipt of Sir Adrian Fulford's review of the Guidance.

The letter to the Prime Minister can be found here and the APPG's accompanying press release here.