US military involved in rendition of alleged al-Qaeda operative captured in Libya

US Special Operations forces captured Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, also known as Abu Anas al-Libi, in Tripoli on 5 October 2013 and secretly removed him from the country.  He was wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.  US officials say that Ruqai will be brought before a US federal criminal court relatively quickly and will not be held incommunicado indefinitely or transferred to a third country for interrogation. President Obama has barred the use of extraordinary rendition but reserved the right to capture and render some suspects for trial in the United States. More can be read here

UNA-UK raises concerns over UK torture and rendition allegations

UNA-UK wrote a letter to Andrew Tyrie MP to highlight its concerns over rendition allegations involving the UK.  More can be read here.

Neither Just Nor Secure Wins UK Publication of the Year Award

Neither Just Nor Secure, written by Andrew Tyrie MP and Anthony Peto QC and published by Centre for Policy Studies in January 2013, wins Prospect Think Tank Award for UK Publication of the Year.  More can be read here.

The Impact of 'Secret Courts' on the British Justice System

As the Justice and Security Act soon comes into effect, the Guardian provides an overview of the how and why of closed material procedures.  Read more here.

Rendition flight may have passed through Scottish airport

Inverness airport may have been used in 2008 as a stopover for a rendition flight by a private American aircraft.  More can be read here.

British forces in Afghanistan will transfer prisoners to Afghan authorities

The British military will transfer prisoners to Afghan authorities.  The transfer of prisoners by British forces to Afghan custody was suspended last December over concerns of the torture of prisoners at an Afghan prison.  More can be read here and here.

Scottish Police will investigate claims that rendition flights landed in Scotland

A study conducted by the Rendition Project has yielded new information about rendition flights passing through the UK.  More can be read here and here.

UN Committee Against Torture Calls For Re-establishment of Inquiry into Allegations of Torture of Detainees

The UN Committee Against Torture also expressed concern over the passage of the Justice and Security Act and its potential implications for fair trials and transparency.  The Committee's report of Concluding Observations can be read here.