US Senate Intelligence Committee Continues to Press for Release of Its Report on Extraordinary Rendition

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted to adopt its 6000+ page report on the CIA's extraordinary rendition programme in December 2012.  More can be read here and here.

High Court Cannot Hear Rendition Case of Qaddafi Opponent

A High Court judge has ruled that the case brought by Abdul Hakim Belhaj against the British Government for its role in his rendition to Libya fell out of the jurisdiction of the court and could damage Britain's relations with its allies.  More can be read here

Oversight of the Intelligence Community Needs to be Strengthened

Andrew Tyrie MP expresses concern over the role the Intelligence and Security Committee has been given to scrutinise Britain's involvement in rendition.  The article can be read here.  More can be read here.

Statement of Minister Without Portfolio Ken Clarke on Detainee Inquiry report

Ken Clarke's statement to the House on the publication of the Detainee Inquiry report, as well as concerns expressed by Members concerning the Government's decision to appoint the ISC to take over the investigation into rendition, can be read here.

Chairman of the APPG comments on findings raised by the Gibson Inquiry report

Findings of British complicity in extraordinary rendition are confirmed by report.  More can be read here.

Gibson Inquiry Publishes Summary Report on Rendition

Report summarising preparatory work of the Inquiry is finally published after long delay.  The report can be found here.  More can be read here and here.

US Senate Intelligence Committee Asks CIA for Internal Report on Extraordinary Rendition Programme

The CIA report sought by the Committee was previously withheld from congressional oversight committees.  More can be read here.

Intelligence and Security Committee to Investigate Allegations of British Involvement in Rendition

The ISC will resume the work of the Gibson Inquiry in investigating British complicity in the torture and rendition of terror suspects after 9/11.  More can be read here.