Parliamentary Questions

In this section key Parliamentary Questions on Rendition are set out.

2013-01-29 Committee Debate: 1st Sitting
2012-07-17 Mr Tyrie Nick Harvey Andrew Tyrie questions the Ministry of Defence on the transfer of a detainee by British forces to US detention.
2012-06-20 Andrew Tyrie Mr Kenneth Clarke Andrew Tyrie questions Ministry of Justice about the Justice and Security Bill.
2007-10-11 Andrew Tyrie Meg Munn Andrew Tyrie questions the Foreign Secretary on Diego Garcia.
2007-07-25 Mr. Andrew Tyrie The Prime Minister Andrew Tyrie questions the Prime Minister on Extraordinary Rendition.
2007-07-05 Mr. Andrew Tyrie Ms Harman Andrew Tyrie questions Harriet Harman on the Chicago Convention.
2006-03-17 Mr. Moore Mr. Darling Alistair Darling confirms 73 landings at UK airports of aircraft alleged to be involved in the US rendition programme.
2005-12-14 Mr. Charles Kennedy The Prime Minister Tony Blair - investigating every US plane which goes through UK airspace would be 'absurd'.
2005-12-12 Sir Menzies Campbell Mr. Straw Jack Straw reveals two renditions through the UK in 1998, in response to Sir Menzies Campbell.
2005-10-19 Mr. Drew Dr. Howells The Government states that it is not aware of the use of [UK] territory or airspace for the purposes of 'extraordinary rendition'.
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