"Today’s ruling takes the public a step closer to the truth about Britain’s role in extraordinary rendition – the programme of kidnap and torture developed during the Bush administration, and facilitated by the UK Government."

Mike Pompeo, nominee to head the CIA, has said that he would not follow orders to use banned interrogation techniques, and that he couldn't imagine Donald Trump giving such an instruction.

President Obama will preserve a report on the CIA’s torture programme among his presidential papers, preventing it from being destroyed under the Trump administration.

Senator Ron Wyden, a member of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, has called on President Obama to protect the Committee’s report on the CIA torture programme.

Robert Verkaik, an independent journalist, quotes APPG Chairman Andrew Tyrie in an article on the possible consequences of any new US torture programme for the UK intelligence agencies.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition will hold its Annual General Meeting on November 23rd at 6pm, in Meeting Room P of Portcullis House.

APPG Chairman Andrew Tyrie appeared on BBC Newsnight to discuss the implications of Donald Trump’s statements on torture for British policy. He warned that Britain should avoid any return to the rendition and torture programme that was put in place after the 9/11 attacks.

Peter Oborne at the Daily Mail has criticised the Intelligence and Security Committee’s (ISC) “shameful” failure to respond to a letter sent by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition more than three months ago. The letter sought assurances on the ISC’s inquiry into rendition and torture, including its handling of the Libyan rendition cases.